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Paint feed system Pressure
Nozzle bore (mm) 0.6 mm
Standard air cap E2 (LPH-50)
Spraying pressure (MPa) 0.1 MPa
Spraying distance (mm)
Air consumption (L/min) 50 L/min
Paint spraying volume (mL/min) 180 ml/min
Maximum effective pattern width (mm) 150 mm
Pattern shape
Required compressor output (kW)


The IWATA AUTO GUN TOF-50-062P is a special spray gun for release agent. The gun is compact, lightweight and easy to handle that features a wide tulip pattern, which makes it useful in narrow spaces and for short-distant spraying.


  • Both the air and liquid joints are located at the bottom of the grip, which makes the gun very easy to handle.
  • Its compact size and light weight allow the worker to work for a long time without fatigue.
  • The body is made of forged aluminum and alumited, making it resistant to corrosion.
  • The trigger and many other peripheral parts are made of stainless steel for rust prevention.
  • Vaseline is used as grease for all the sliding parts on the air path.
  • The body has pearskin finish for the slippery release agent.
  • The fluid and pattern adjusting knobs have a locking mechanism to prevent the worker from making operation mistakes.
  • The gun hook can be fixed at the top or on the side of the gun and hung on the worker’s belt or other place.
    The gun hook (with 2 washer-embedded screws) is optional (parts code No. 93018920).

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Rp 8.580.000

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