Motivation From the PROFANO Blogs

LEGO fans will get inspiration for new plots on the Lego blogs. Richard Carter, a self-described “Adult Fan of LEGO, inches has been authoring lego since 2005 and has a growing following that spans the globe. His posts range from new ideas and reviews to news and inspiration for the purpose of building your own types. This blog is a wonderful resource for people that enjoy the fun and creativity that accompany creating and playing with PROFANO.

Fans of LEGO also can find creativity from other packet fan blogs. Friends Stones is an online community that aims to connect people enthusiastic about the popular building blocks. His blog features LEGO news and reviews, as well as web comic Farquar. The Stone Show is mostly a webcast displaying new products and testimonials of well-known sets. And, of course , is actually worth visiting the LEGO Blog. It’s a good way to stay informed with the hottest trends inside the LEGO community.

The Friends Brick is known as a LEGO blog that features the latest news and reviews. It is content is usually free and open source. Read reviews of varied LEGO units on the site. The Brother’s Stone also highlights mecha designs and other issues that are not straight related to LEGO. The Brothers Brick’s articles is also liberal to share and even release your very own creation. This is the best location to get the latest news and reviews in LEGO collections.


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